Repair Or Replace Your iPhone

How To Decide Whether You Should Repair Or Replace Your iPhone


We’ve all been there, the heartbreak of a broken iPhone happens to the best of us, so what’s one to do when their precious iPhone slips from their hand and falls screen-down onto the floor – repair it or replace it? This can be a painful dilemma for any iPhone user, so that’s why we’re here to settle the debate as to whether you should buy a new version or have your iPhone repaired.

Step 1: Identify The Issue

Before determining the right solution, you will first need to identify what is broken on your iPhone.

Broken Screen

When you drop your iPhone screen-first onto the floor, chances are that the glass has cracked and you may need a replacement screen. However, it could be worse than you think, and you might need to get the LCD replaced.

In case you need to get the LCD and glass replaced, you can get a combined service. Whether you want to get the glass, LCD, or both replaced, it can cost anywhere between $60 and $600, depending on what phone you have. For instance, it’ll take around $600 to replace a broken screen on an iPhone X, but only about $60 for an iPhone 4.

Water Damage

The cost of getting your phone repaired for water damage can vary, based on how long it was submerged in water, and how soon you brought it to a professional. It’s probable that your charging port or earphone jack won’t work, and you may need to get the buttons replaced.

Home Button

If the home button isn’t working, you’ll need to get it replaced, along with extra charges for Touch ID. This may cost you anywhere from $50 to over $130, based on whether you have an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 7.

Charging Port

Check your charging port, if it doesn't work or needs to be wiggled to work, it's time for a repair. Getting the mic or charging port replaced will cost you almost $400 if you have the latest model, but it can go as low as $60 if you have an iPhone 4.


A common problem among iPhone users is that they notice a shortened battery life, as their iPhone gets older and installs regular system upgrades. Getting the battery replaced if you have an old model, like the iPhone 6, can serve as a solution, but since the model is old, it’s likely that applications will drain battery life faster.

A battery replacement will cost you around $50 - $90 depending on the age of your phone.


Are your selfies getting blurrier than you’d like, while your landscape pictures are losing definition? It’s probably a problem with your camera. Since it’s very delicate, it’s easily damaged. Whether it’s the back or front camera, replacing it costs around the same.

It’ll cost around $150, $180, and $400 for recent models like the iPhone 7, 8, and X. For models from the iPhone 5 and 6 series, you’ll have to pay somewhere around $80 to $120.

Headphone Jack

This is only available for models until the iPhone 6, so it’ll cost up to $109 for recent models, starting from $50, for older ones

Should You Repair Or Replace?

In order to make the best decision, you should evaluate the following:

  • Cost of the repairs.
  • The age of your current device.
  • The cost of a used replacement iPhone
  • The cost of a brand new iPhone
  • The benefits of the features on a new iPhone

Once the question of if you can afford the latest model iPhone is answered, you have to decide if the improvements are worth buying a brand new device. A brand new iPhone can cost more than $1,000, while a certified older used iPhone starts at $200.00. If you need help deciding, contact one of our certified iPhone repair specialists for help.